Optimize Your Digital Footprint


Ready to enhance digital marketing and communications for your brand or business? I can help you with that. Trying to understand why how having a strong online presence can improve your bottom line? I can help with that too!


Over 74.8% of all households have internet at home. In addition, 81% do online research to support their buying decision before they make the purchase. This gives you an enormous opportunity to find and reach your target audience through digital channels. The best part is that most brands and companies can do this with low ongoing cost or even no ongoing cost. Digital programs both large and small can find financial benefit in having a solid digital foundation that is reviewed for enhancements on a regular basis. Your needs are varied. So are the ways I can offer assistance to help you reach your goals.

Services Offered


Pick My Brain

Let me help you by infusing creative energy into your digital marketing and communications planning or execution with a 1 hour “Pick My Brain” session. Gone are the days of doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results. Your session will be packed actionable information based on your pre-selected topics. I’ll make sure you get maximum benefit from your time with me by providing a detailed agenda and educational documents for your review prior to our call.

Pick My Brain
Choice of 1 session (60 minutes) or 2 sessions (30 minutes each)
Custom Meeting Agenda
Custom Reference Guide
Flexible Scheduling


Digital Presence Analysis

Maybe you’re just getting started online and need help building a strong foundation. Or, maybe you need assistance ensuring that your current digital strategy is on track. Either way, this digital presence analysis will ensure that your time and money are are working smarter not harder. Stop stretching your efforts thin with digital and learn where your marketing and communications investments will receive the most return. I’ll increase the efficiency of your program by sharing step-by-step advice on what to do next.

Digital Presence Analysis
Search Footprint Analysis
Social Media Channel Analysis (up to 3)
Brand Voice Analysis
1 Hour Analysis Presentation
1 30 Minute Q&A Session
Digital Presence Analysis + Competitive Overview
Search Footprint Analysis
Social Media Channel Analysis (up to 3)
Competitive Search Footprint Analysis (up to 2)
Competitive Social Media Channel Analysis (up to 3 channels for 2 competitiors)
Brand Voice Analysis
1 Hour Analysis Presentation
3 30 Minute Q&A Session


Custom Virtual Consultation 

You must wear many hats to keep a successful digital marketing and communications strategy running smoothly. Let go of the stress as I work with you one-on-one to remove the roadblocks in your pathway to digital success. From startup’s to Fortune 500 corporations, I have a proven record of success in leading brands to digital excellence. Custom consultation packages can be purchased in the the following areas.

Custom Consultation Available For The Following Areas of Expertise
Social Media
Hyperlocal Social Media
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Paid Search
Affiliate Marketing
Public Relations
Employee & Brand Advocate
Online Reputation Management